Our Company

What we stand for

At Investure, we are driven by our values. We share a passion for investing, and our culture embraces constructive debate, innovation, and the humble pursuit of continuous improvement. Our mission as a firm is aligned with the visionary endowments and private foundations we serve. We are proud to be their partners and support their philanthropic and educational missions.

Our Approach

  • We manage a client’s total portfolio across asset classes. We provide a comprehensive solution, not a set of products, for managing perpetual portfolios.
  • We intentionally focus on investing for a select group of non-profit institutions. We measure success by our long-term investment results and the quality of service we deliver rather than the amount of assets we manage.
  • We are an independent, employee-owned company. We provide the experience, continuity, and infrastructure needed to execute a long-term, multi-asset class investment strategy, enabling our clients to focus on their missions.
  • We seek long-term partnerships both with our clients and investment managers. Over the last nearly 20 years, we have demonstrated both a commitment to being good stewards of our clients’ assets and our long-term orientation to the investment managers with whom we partner.

Our guiding principles serve as the touchstone for our actions and decision making.


We strive to exemplify the highest ethical standards in both our work and personal lives. We believe this requires transparency in our actions as well as honest and straight forward discourse with our clients, team members, and business partners. We seek to work only with those who share our values. We cherish our good reputation.


We should deliver excellent long-term investment performance, set industry standards for excellent service, be excellent employers and be excellent coworkers. We intend to work hard and work smart. Our pursuit requires a continuous self-evaluation of our successes and our failures. Our world is ever changing, and we cannot be complacent or stand still. It is our goal to be the best not the biggest. 


Our clients come first. We are proud of our association with them, and our image is intrinsically tied to them in a variety of ways. Most of our clients are and will continue to be not-for-profits. We will keep that ethic in mind. What our clients pay us comes out of their mission. We will continue to grow only when we perceive that it does not diminish our service to existing clients. 


We will put our clients' long-term interests above our short-term business goals. We will endeavor to invest in a way that helps our clients take advantage of their natural time horizon advantage and to serve them with that in mind. Our investment style is intended to make it across valleys, no matter how deep or wide, in order to sustain and build success over decades rather than months or years. We will act as stewards of our business and community and will have the duty to pass on a better world than the one we inherited. 


Our team is our most valuable asset. We recognize that our success depends on surrounding ourselves with good, hard-working people that employ excellent judgment. We want a culture that attracts and retains excellent people. This means that we treat each other with respect, help each other when needed, and are respectful of each other's personal needs and challenges. We seek to hire the best person for each job recognizing that diversity of opinion is a key ingredient to investment success. We want to have our team be passionate about the work they do. As such, we need to create an atmosphere that nurtures their success and invests in their development. 


We value a collaborative approach among clients, managers, service providers, and our team. There is no room for personal agendas. Investure must be a challenging, collegial, and enjoyable place to work. We lead by example and operate with the Golden Rule in mind. We endeavor to build partnerships with our clients, managers, service providers, and teammates, such that they become our greatest advocates. 


We will be humble enough to know we can and will undoubtedly be wrong, but we seek to learn from our mistakes. We will continually challenge biases and assumptions in pursuit of excellence. We treat all as equals. No task is beneath anyone in the firm.

Meet the team

Over the years, we've assembled a dedicated team committed to stewarding our clients' capital with integrity and expertise.

240 W Main St #500, Charlottesville, VA 22902, USA